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You cant make it up… Part Two

In the furor over Rep Todd Akins (R Mo) comments about “legitimate rape” and punishing the offender but not the child, the operatives are scrambling to prevent cross-contamination of the Romney-Ryan ticket. Romney himself indicated he couldn’t defend such statements and indicated that an exception in cases of rape was acceptable. Reince Preibus the Republican National Chairperson stated that the RNC platform which is currently looking at the wording of its anti abortion position is the”Republican platform but not Mitt Romneys platform”. Rep Ryan and others have, in the past, supported redefinitions of rape in proposed federal legislation that defines “forcible rape” as the exception but left question about other classifications of rape including statutory rape. This issue which is driven by the”non secular” wing ( tongue in cheek here) of the Republican Party will no doubt drive many independent voters away especially women. Rape is Rape and a woman does not have to give birth to and nurse a child conceived during a criminal act. To suggest otherwise is simply wrong. I am the father of a beautiful daughter and I know I am right.


Posted by Dave on 08/21 at 05:45 PM

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