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RIP Frankie

Those who know Juli Zobel our very own Sales Manager have heard the very sad news that her beloved horse Frankie passed away from surgical complications this weekend. He was twenty years old and lived a great life because Juli always provided the best for him and he gave her and others much joy and apparently won a bunch of ribbons in competition. I don’t know much about horses- we had very few in the Bronx- well maybe a few heads but rarely the whole ones- but I do know how we grow to love our animals and we mourn them as we would a family member. Unconditional love defines what our animals give to us and Frankie was very important to all who took care of him especially Juli. I met Frankie once during a time long ago when I had an unrequited crush on Juli and rode the Harley to the stable to visit. She was gone but since the staff knew of me and determined I was a person of good will they directed me to his stable which Juli of course had kept immaculate. He had a penchant for shirts and proceed to chow down on mine but then he stopped and looked at me and raised his head up and down as if he was laughing. I gave him a treat and I know in that short visit we bonded in some way. We hope he is currently cavorting with Seabiscuit and Man O War in horse heaven and that Juli will get past her loss. We miss you Frankie…..


Posted by Dave on 08/21 at 04:44 PM

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