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Huntsman is right about the right

This eminently qualified man who was apparently too true to his beliefs and way too honest to get the nomination, is and should be on the short list for a third party initiative. This Former Governor of Utah and Ambassador to China has all the street cred that a leader needs. I don’t take seriously what he said about Republicans and what happens in China when someone goes off script because I see the message beyond the sound bite. It is chilling that Reagan could not get nominated in this climate and that political polarization is creating a chill on the role of Congress to fix ills through compromise. I hope he continues to be a voice of reason for his Party and that they heed his message that independent voters want a more moderate candidate who focuses on issues that are truly important and not the cultural issues that seem to have defined the debate during the Primary process. I don’t know what the alternate party would be called but it is time to break the log jam and scare some people into reason.

Check out this article from the Washington Post: Jon Huntsman, Republican antagonist


Posted by Dave on 04/23 at 01:49 PM

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