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We assist our clients to develop their secure retirement strategy. Our clients know how much they can enjoy from their Retirement Accounts without the fear of ever running out of funds, while still passing on a desired amount to heirs.

At Virginia Retirement Services we specialize in working only with Retirees or those planning for Retirement. Sometimes decisions with IRA type accounts, Life Insurance or Long-Term Care are best made long before one's actual retirement. When you are nearing retirement, decisions have to be made that will affect the quality of your retirement years financially. You may need to alter your plans that you made earlier in life. Perhaps the safety of your assets is now a bigger concern? Perhaps your health issues have changed? Or now you need to provide for your spouse in the event you predecease him/her becomes a larger issue? With our unique “Retirement Analyzer” program, we can enter all your specific financial variables of your current retirement picture and then look at the “what ifs”. Many of our Clients have found they can access more of their Retirement Accounts than they thought previously possible and, still have a prosperous retirement no matter how long they live! Others may need to make adjustments now to avoid pitfalls in the future.

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