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04/29/2017 05:11 PM

Pope Francis wrapped up a brief but deeply symbolic visit to Egypt on Saturday with an open-air Mass for the country's tiny Catholic community, defying security concerns to show his support for the Christians of this Muslim majority Arab nation who have increasingly become targeted by Islamic militants.

04/29/2017 03:55 PM

A U.S. military service member was killed by an explosive device outside Mosul, Iraq, today, according to U.S. Central Command.

04/29/2017 03:32 PM

A Cuban military plane crashed into a hillside Saturday morning in the western province of Artemisa, killing eight troops on board, the government said.

04/29/2017 11:45 AM

An Apache attack helicopter and scores of armed police have provided tight security for Pope Francis as he led a Mass in Egypt - just weeks after two churches were bombed by militants.

04/29/2017 11:10 AM

A bodyboarder was mauled to death by a shark just two months after one of his best friends was killed in almost identical circumstances.

04/29/2017 10:40 AM

Under the slogan "I'm fed up," demonstrators urging Vladimir Putin not to run for a fourth term rallied in cities across Russia on Saturday. Dozens were arrested in St. Petersburg and elsewhere.

04/29/2017 10:32 AM

As antigovernment protests and deadly unrest shake the streets here, President Nicolás Maduro is presenting an image of a very different country in videos that show him strolling through bucolic settings, hip-hop dancing and swinging on a swing set with his wife.

04/29/2017 09:30 AM

A former Afghan warlord who battled U.S. forces after the 2001 invasion and nursed bitter rivalries with other militant factions says he wants peace in Afghanistan.

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