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06/27/2016 06:10 PM

Iceland celebrated its team's historic win with some very appropriate English music.

06/27/2016 05:46 PM

Residents say two suicide bombers have exploded prematurely in Nigeria's northeastern Maiduguri city, killing themselves and no one else.

06/27/2016 04:38 PM

Iraqi officials say a suicide bomber targeting a Sunni mosque west of Baghdad killed 14 and wounded 32 Monday night.

06/27/2016 04:27 PM

A strong earthquake struck in southern Mexico on Monday afternoon, but there were no immediate reports of injuries or serious damage.

06/27/2016 04:26 PM

A Swedish tourist was fatally shot while walking with his girlfriend in a major commercial district amid what authorities are describing as a rise in violent incidents in Haiti's capital.

06/27/2016 04:01 PM

Qatar Petroleum and Total announced a joint venture to create a new company that will develop and operate one of the world's largest oil fields in the Arab Gulf country.

06/27/2016 03:57 PM

An earthquake has set tall buildings swaying in Mexico City, causing people to leave office buildings and congregate in the streets.

06/27/2016 03:15 PM

Canadian police are investigating the hit and run death of former UFC fighter Ryan Jimmo.

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