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08/31/2016 02:57 PM

Courts in Bahrain have issued a string of guilty verdicts against Shiite activists and clerics, including a blogger who was sentenced to one year in prison for insulting the king and inciting hatred against the government.

08/31/2016 02:47 PM

Macedonia's feuding party leaders agreed late Wednesday to hold early national elections on Dec. 11 to end a festering political crisis that has seen two previously agreed election dates cancelled this year.

08/31/2016 02:22 PM

A leading member of the nationalist party Alternative for Germany has launched an attack on a prominent Jewish activist, calling for the anti-racism organization she heads to be shut down.

08/31/2016 02:00 PM

Two dramas that grabbed global attention — the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and the removal of Brazil's president — have now concluded.

08/31/2016 12:48 PM

A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a man to ten years in prison and 2,000 lashes for expressing his atheism on Twitter.

08/31/2016 12:42 PM

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has announced that the interior minister has stepped down and is being replaced by the labor minister.

08/31/2016 12:10 PM

Israeli media say the government has advanced plans for the construction of 285 housing units in Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

08/31/2016 11:50 AM

Two Eritrean baby boys were recovering well at a hospital in Palermo on Wednesday, a week after they were born prematurely in Libya and then -- at only 5 days old -- put on a cramped boat headed to Europe's shores.

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